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Release: 2021-09
Website version on release: v1.3.0
Total clusters: 1000
Total wwPDB entries: 2208
Total conformers: 9489
Total clusters with protein interactions: 664
Total interactions: ~5M
Total RNAcentral URS IDs mapped: 1076
Total RNAcentral annotations mapped: ~3M
RNAcentralrelease: 15
RCSB PDBmapped: 2020-02-13

Welcome to CoDNaS-RNA

CoDNaS-RNA is a database of the Conformational Diversity in the Native State of RNA molecules. Each entry in CoDNaS-RNA is a redundant collection of known structures of the same RNA molecule, as determined in separate experiments and possibly under different conditions, which can be considered as alternative instances of the RNA structure in its native ensemble. The database showcases possible associations between the diversity in the native ensemble and physicochemical, biological or functional modulators such as origin of the RNA, pH or temperature and binding to ligands.

CoDNaS-RNA enables the comparison of selected conformers at the primary, secondary and tertiary structure levels. The database quantifies the extent of conformational diversity in a given RNA by means of the maximum RMSD among any pair of its conformers derived from the wwPDB. Site-specific interactions between RNA and bound polynucleotides or proteins can also be retrieved. Additional data is cross-referenced from external resources like RNAcentral to facilitate further exploration of relevant features.

CoDNaS-RNA integrates structural data and annotations to highlight conformational diversity as an essential feature for understanding RNA dynamics and function.


CoDNaS-RNA: a database of Conformational Diversity in the Native State of RNA. Gonzalez Buitron M, Tunque Cahui RR, Garcia Rios E, Hirsh L, Parisi G, Fornasari MS, Palopoli N. Bioinformatics, Volume 38, Issue 6, March 2022, Pages 1745–1748, doi:


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